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Both my 11yr old and my 47yr old self have had a couple of sessions with Lachie and our riding has rapidly advanced as a result. Lachie has the perfect mix of skills to take you to the next level I'm a fun and supportive environment.


Having my session with Gear Up Cycling was a blast. Im not the best mountain biker so l had plenty to learn. I learnt so many new skills like body position and how to apply it on the trails, how to pick a line and take corners and how to take impact when riding on harder trails. It was a great time. But it wasent just great because we were riding. The coach had.a great postive attitude and was really good to talk to. We had many laughs and were fully stocked by the end. l felt super stocked and wanted to just keep riding. It was a great experience totally recommend.


Lachie is an excelent coach. His courses take you step by step and really breaks down a particular skill. Iv seen first hand how great he is with kids as i used to work with him teaching bike safety at schools.


Great coach. Had Lachie for many years and has taught me many skills that i still use to this day.


Awesome time! Very professional and great communication. Highly recommend


Lachie used to coach me mountain biking. I learnt many skills with his guidance. He is a fun and cool guy. He made riding enjoyable, and we were disapointed to see him move interstate. I highly reccomend Lachie.
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