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Lake Mountain Cascades MTB Trail

Located approximately 1.5 hours from Melbourne lies a trail gem that starts at the summit of Lake Mountain. The Cascades MTB trail. Sound familiar? If you have been living under a rock, the Cascades trail is a true alpine adventure that starts from the summit of Lake Mountain at 1433m above sea level and winds its way down into Marysville over 30km of singletrack Haven.

Lake Mountain summit
The Summit

Hats off to the trail fairies, this is one epic trail, but don't under estimate it. Even with a shuttle to the summit there is still over 500m elevation of climbing. So, you can forget the DH bike and bust out the trail rig for the day. It can be a long day in the saddle for some. Come self-sufficient with nutrition, electrolytes, and tools to get you out of trouble unless you don't mind jumping off the bike and sharpening up your cyclocross skills.

What type of rider would enjoy the Cascade MTB trail?

If you really want to make the most out of the full 30km ride without feeling like an asthma pump is needed, it is recommended riders have a moderate-high level of fitness. It takes on average 3.5 hours to complete. In saying this there are ways you can shorten this ride to suit your fitness level. Although a blue trail, sections can get technical, so a good sense of bike handling skills is required. If you're after an epic alpine ride with some of the best descents in Victoria, and don't mind slogging it out with some climbs in between, then you're in for a treat.

Lake Mountain Cascades MTB trail map
Lake Mountain Cascades mountain bike trail map

What makes Cascades so special?

As each rider has different perspectives on what makes a trail special to them, I have to enlighten you on my personal opinion on this one. I'm sure many would agree the "lunchroom" descent has to the most epic part of the Cascades trail. The descent has got to be one of the best in Victoria. 7km of fast sweeping berms. Yes, that's right, 7km! First time riding this section I needed to stop due to the arm pump and the cramped up, claw positioned fingers. This descent feels endless, and you won't be able to wipe the grin off your face. Although there are many great descents throughout the trail, this one takes the top spot.

If you're a nature lover you're really going to appreciate the different environments this trail takes you through. From lush rainforests surrounded by ferns to exposed landscapes surrounded by wildflowers. It would be rude not to stop every once in a while, and take it all in.

Ending up in Marysville the trail will spit you out at the Duck Inn pub for a very well-deserved cold beverage and parmi (or parma). The pub is riddled with mountain bikers that have just finished the Cascades trail so the stoke and vibes in the Duck Inn is always high and is the perfect way to finish of the day.

The Duck Inn Pub is the perfect place to end the day after riding the Cascades Mountain bike trail.
The Duck Inn Pub Marysville

Do you Feel like you could benefit from sharpening up your mountain bike skills before taking on the Cascades trail? I'm here to help. Whether you're wanting to ride this trail by yourself or with a group of mates. I have private 1:1 sessions and custom group sessions that are tailored to your skill level and personal goals.

Custom group coaching now available. It's time to round up the squad.
Gear Up Cycling Custom Group Coaching

For more information on the Cascades trail and shuttles please click the button below.

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