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MTB Race Tips for Beginner Gravity Enduro Riders

Entering your first race can be a pretty daunting experience. If you're new to the Gravity Enduro scene or you have just booked into your first race, we're here to help with some MTB race tips for the beginner/new gravity enduro rider! With years of racing experience in this discipline and making plenty of mistakes along the way, we have put together a list of top tips and mistakes to avoid.


Firstly, choose a race that is right for you. As a beginner/first time racer, we highly recommend racing an enduro put on by the legends at Rocky Trail Entertaiment for a few reasons. Now, this is not saying that these races aren't for the elite riders by any means, they attract some of Australia's best riders! Rocky Trail Entertaiment is a super friendly crew that hold Gravity Enduro events across the Southeast of Australia. If you're a newcomer to the enduro scene then you'll appreciate their race format as its beginner friendly, and low pressure. The vibes and stoke levels are always high, the people are great, and you're bound to meet new riders! These events are always brilliantly run and guarantee a great day out of the bike! If you're wanting to find out more about these guys and their upcoming races, click their logo below.


Don't put so much pressure on yourself!

Don't have goals on where you want to place or try keep up with faster riders. This tends to result in a crash and added pressure you don't need for a beginner / first time race. Ride at your own pace, feel comfortable, ride in control and most importantly just have fun! You don't want your first race to be your last.


Ride practice day. It's important to scope out the trails before your race. Pull off to the side of the trail (where it's safe) on technical sections or places where you can choose multiple line choices to get your lines dialed in. Don't be making split second decisions due to a lack of preparation. Always be prepared.


This may not be a tip but a reminder of good trail etiquette while racing. You will get caught by a faster rider at some point. That's racing! It's the responsibility of the rider behind to yell out "track" as they come up behind you. It is then your duty to pull over as quickly as possible when it is safe to do so! Overtaking should be done quickly, safely and politely from both involved!


Be self-sufficient.

Don't let a simple flat tyre or broken chain ruin your weekend! At a minimum, bring the following items in case of a mechanical.

  1. Tube

  2. Co2 or handpump

  3. Chain link

  4. Decent multi tool with a chain breaker on it

There are multiple ways to carry these, frame straps, hydration pack, bum bags, and using your frame storage compartment if it has one. These are just some of the ways of storing your essentials.



As you start to find your bearings in the gravity enduro scene you may want to think of the order of trails you will ride (if the event format allows you to do stages in any order). Have a think on what trails could get blown out quicker than others, trails that require the most amount of fitness etc. With so many factors coming into play when choosing the order, getting it right can save you valuable seconds and effort.

Think about how you may approach each stage. For example:

If a stage is long, physically demanding and technical, it can sometimes benefit from taking it back a notch. Riding it consistently throughout the entire stage can prevent you from burning yourself out quickly, losing time and having an increased chance of a spill.


Set your bike up!

Setting your bike up correctly for the type of tracks being raced and weather conditions can make a massive difference.

A really simple adjustment is tyre pressure. For example:

If the trails are super slippery and wet, then dropping your tyres down a few PSI will increase traction and prevent slide outs. If the trails are super rocky and fast and have lots of sharp edges adding a few PSI will help prevent damaging a rim and puncturing a tyre resulting in loss of time or possible DNF (did not finish)

Bike set up can get technical and takes time to get right. If you're a little unsure on what you're doing, it's best to leave your settings so you know how your bike is going to handle come race day. Or visit your local bike shop and get some valuable advice and knowledge!



It's important you are fueled correctly. Now we are not qualified to be giving any sort of advice on what's going to work best for you. Choosing the correct supplements is personal choice and comes in a range of forms from gels to energy bars. However, the one piece of advice we can give is not to try anything new on race day. Stick to what you know and normally use/have tried before. This is because everyone tolerates different forms of energy supplements differently and it is common to come across one that will upset your stomach. That's the last thing you want on race day!

Gear Up Cycling wishes you luck!

Want to feel confident and refine your mountain bike skills before a race? We're here to help. Offering a range of programs for all ages and skill levels. This includes one on one coaching, custom group sessions and more! Find out more by clicking the tab below.

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